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NYC to wilkes barre , first Martz Traways messed up by telling me to catch a bus that didn't exist Started me off with a sour taste, ( I missed 3 hours in NYC ) , the kicker is , this bus driver was drunk, and rude ! Wouldn't let me on the bus at first after much dismay and many heart attacks her let me on, but he had a bad scanning device , the couple before me had "mobile " tickets , meaning we could use our phones to board .

He gave them a hard time , and then me and my fianc , and we had to make it home to our daughter! He let the couple ahead of us on and then said " another one , doesn't like to print backup!

" I said so I don't have to print backup it says her on your website .. it does ( I swear it ) long story short my trip was ruined , I did make it home but I had nearly a panic attack and why single us out when clearly his machine was not scanning from the 1st couple on, I just want my trip refunded I don't think that is unfair #Martztrailways

Review about: Martz Trailways Bus Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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He was drunk and you still got on. BS

to Dan #1421703

You missed the whole reason why I was pissed , the rude and drunk part was nothing compared to the lack of respect the man had for his own companies way of doing things , like use a digital ticket. Was that at a slow enough pace for you to understand dim , I mean Dan ?

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