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NYC to wilkes barre , first Martz Traways messed up by telling me to catch a bus that didn't exist Started me off with a sour taste, ( I missed 3 hours in NYC ) , the kicker is , this bus driver was drunk, and rude ! Wouldn't let me on the bus at first after much dismay and many heart attacks her let me on, but he had a bad scanning device , the couple before me had "mobile " tickets , meaning we could use our phones to board .

He gave them a hard time , and then me and my fianc , and we had to make it home to our daughter! He let the couple ahead of us on and then said " another one , doesn't like to print backup!

" I said so I don't have to print backup it says her on your website .. it does ( I swear it ) long story short my trip was ruined , I did make it home but I had nearly a panic attack and why single us out when clearly his machine was not scanning from the 1st couple on, I just want my trip refunded I don't think that is unfair #Martztrailways

Review about: Martz Trailways Bus Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why should you get your trip refunded? You made it to your destination.

Stop scratching around for free trips or money. You chose bottom of the barrel travel. I’m concerned that you would intentionally lie about someone else in order to get a refund. How do you know the driver was drunk??

Did you breathalyzer him? Did you ACTUALLY WITNESS them drinking on the job? You have to qualify your statement. Otherwise all you have done is WILLINGLY GAVE that employee fuel to sue you for defamation.

All you have done is willingly place YOUR OPINIONS as fact about another human being with ZERO PROOF of any wrong doing. I’m going to email them and I’m sure they will want to let thier lawyers handle the situation. Oh, and just to dig that hole a bit deeper, they can find out what factory who you are. With just a court order, they can get ALL of the metadata you gave them by making a defaming post.

I doubt you will have the money to pay for your misdeeds but defamation suits start at $25k and go up. And that’s just from the driver!!

I guess being a fishmonger gossiping and lying online does have a price. Let’s see if YOU can pay it shall we.


He was drunk and you still got on. BS

to Dan #1421703

You missed the whole reason why I was pissed , the rude and drunk part was nothing compared to the lack of respect the man had for his own companies way of doing things , like use a digital ticket. Was that at a slow enough pace for you to understand dim , I mean Dan ?

to Anonymous #1516008

I would be a little more concerned about him driving drunk than lack of respect for you and the company. Just saying

to Dan #1516123

Take a look at his beer gut , you mean to tell me he drives to the city , sits there for hours waiting to drive back , and doesn’t kick one or two back? BS , are you a worker for Martz?

Were you there ? Also , at that point it was either board or stay in NYC and leave my child home without a parent ...

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